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Social Media Information Security That You Need To Know

In this age of information technology, it has made people’s lives easier and on the other hand, there has been a huge lack of information security. Any small piece of information shared on social media may not important to you but it may important to someone else. Why social media information security is so important? This article gives you a brief overview of why we need to focus on Social Media Information Security.

Social Media Information Security

Generally, we share our personal information on social media. When a hacker targets someone, he first analyzes the general information of that target. And the first choice for a hacker is to collect target information from social media sites because we provide our personal information on these sites such as name, date of birth, address, personal photo, photo of national identity card, private moment, where I am, what I am doing, and even copy of passport, which is a huge information for a hacker. and the main purpose of hacking is to steal various kinds of information that information can be stated, personal or ethnic. 

Social Media Overview

According to Hootsuite, In 2021 more than 53.6% of the world’s population uses social media, and active social media users are around 4.20 billion on social sites. However, the average user who uses these mediums has a minimum of 8 different social media accounts, where they spend more than 2 hours and 25 minutes a day. 

According to Data Reportal, In 2021 Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly active users, YouTube has 2.2 billion, WhatsApp has around 2 billion, Messenger has 1.3 billion, WeChat has 1.2 billion, Instagram has 1.2 billion, TikTok has 800 million, QQ has 731 million, Twitter has 340 million, Snapchat has 528 million, Telegram has 550 million monthly active users. 

Popular Social Media Sites

Security on Social Media

  • Used strong passwords using Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, Special Character
  • Used different passwords for each social account
  • Used all the social media security answers options
  • Used Mail Recovery option in each account
  • Phishing sites are the most widespread on social media so refrain from clicking on links to any unfamiliar site.
  • Be sure to refrain from sharing your sensitive personal information
  • Do not use your social credentials on any third-party site
  • Avoid giving your social media site password to anyone under any circumstances
  • Avoid these if you often want to login access to your social account in various quizzes and games on social media.
  • If any of your minor children use social sites, pay special attention to those accounts
  • Avoid these if you are asked to forward many messages at different times
  • Be careful when accepting someone’s friend request on social media
  • Refrain from sharing your location on social media
  • Always use updated software or applications
  • Refrain from using unfamiliar free Wi-Fi
  • Make your family and children aware of the use of social media
  • If someone is attacked on social media in any way, seek legal help if necessary

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